Free-standing Sleeved Steel Chimney
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Free-standing Sleeved Steel Chimney

Hebei Pude Yuelan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is an professional free-standing sleeved steel chimney manufacturer and factory in the research and development and production Hebei Pude Yuelan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and production of industrial chimneys.
Single-sleeve chimneys are generally used in dry industry, chimneys are mostly cylindrical. Single-sleeve chimneys are thin at the top and thick at the bottom, generally used in large industrial plant, such as large boilers, refinery, power plants, etc. .
The existing sleeve chimney mainly comprises an outer tube, an inner foundation of the dry outer tube, at least one inner tube arranged on the foundation, and a lower end surface of the inner tube fixedly connected with the foundation. Since the height of the fossil-fuel power station chimney can be up to 200m, the connection between the inner tube and the foundation not only bears the axial force caused by the vertical load, but also bears the bending moment caused by the deformation of the inner tube and the outer tube, it is necessary to build a large foundation only by means of the lower end face of the inner tube and to fix the lower end face of the inner tube on the foundation with more anchors. In this way, the inner cylinder can be firmly fixed on the foundation.on of industrial chimneys. The company focuses on the research and development and production of industrial chimneys. Free-standing Single-barreled Steel Chimney are mainly used for smoke exhaust systems of boilers, cold and water heaters, diesel generator sets, incinerators, industrial plamet systems, air-conditioning direct-fired units, etc. The finished stainless steel chimneys are suitable for built-in high-rise buildings in my country (attached to the wall) New products used by equipment. It has completely got rid of the problems of traditional stainless steel chimneys in narrow shafts, such as on-site welding equipment, heat preservation and other high-altitude operations. It has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, good heat insulation performance, long service life, beautiful appearance, and easy assembly and disassembly application.

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Product Description

Free-standing Sleeved Steel Chimney

(1)Increase the safety of chimney structure. Because the flue gas only contacts with the inner cylinder, the outer cylinder wall is not corroded by the flue gas, thus avoiding the hidden danger of the flue gas corrosion to the outer cylinder.
(2)To avoid lining cracking caused by temperature difference. The thermal insulation layer of traditional chimney is not integral, but spliced by many plates, the effect of thermal insulation is poor. Because of the insulation layer on the outer wall and the air layer between the inner wall and the outer wall, the sleeve type steel chimney is very effective. Because of the protection of the outer tube, the thermal insulation layer is protected from the outside atmosphere, rain erosion, and thus good durability.
(3)Give full play to the advantages of various materials. The inner cylinder is mainly for smoke exhaust function, the influence of wind load and earthquake load is very small, so the inner cylinder can be considered from the material corrosion resistance aspect alone, the wall thickness can be designed to be relatively thin, the inner cylinder can be made of carbon steel, weathering steel or acid-resistant steel, and anticorrosion by reliable coating. The inner cylinder can be made of stainless steel when the temperature is high. The inner cylinder can be made of glass fiber reinforced plastic when the temperature is low and the humidity is high. The outer cylinder is not in contact with the flue gas. The main resistance to wind and other external loads. It can be made of ordinary carbon structural steel or weathering steel. Thermal insulation materials only consider the role of thermal insulation, do not need to consider the role of flue gas corrosion. Prefabricated, on-site installation, no construction waste.
(4) Overall environmental protection, beautiful. As these chimneys are all in the demolition of the convenience eye can be secondary recovery and use. Compared with the reinforced concrete chimney, the steel chimney shape is more beautiful and light.

Free-standing is the surface meaning of“Self-standing”, simply said that is not by other external forces to achieve the standing of the chimney fixed. For example, a pylon-type chimney is one that is fixed with a pylon on the outside, a cable-type chimney is one that is fixed with a steel cable, and a free standing chimney is one that is connected by a flange at the bottom, fixed directly to the base at the bottom, the appearance of no fixed device.

Flange connection is two pipes, fittings or equipment, first fixed to a flange, and then in between the two flange with flange pad, a detachable joint that is finally bolted to tighten the two flanges so that they fit together. The connection between a stationary pipe and a rotating or reciprocating device can be realized. Flange connection can be generally divided into five types: flat welding, butt welding, socket welding, loose sleeve, thread.

The first four types are explained in detail below:

1.Flat welding: only welding the outer layer, no need to weld the inner layer; generally used in low-and medium-pressure pipelines, the nominal pressure of the pipeline to be less than 0.25 MPA. There are three kinds of sealing surface of plain-welded flange, which are smooth, concave-convex and tongue-and-groove type, among which smooth type is the most widely used, and affordable, cost-effective.
2.Butt welding: farlane inside and outside of the layer to welding, generally used in medium and high-pressure pipeline, pipeline nominal pressure in the 0.25-2.5 mpa. The sealing surface of butt welding flange connection is concave-convex type, installation is more complex, so the labor cost, installation method and auxiliary material cost are higher.
3.Socket welding: generally used for nominal pressure is less than or equal to 10.0 mpa, nominal diameter is less than or equal to 40 mm pipeline.
4.Loose sleeve: generally used in the pressure is not high but the medium is more corrosive pipeline, so this kind of flange corrosion resistance, material to stainless steel-based. The connection is mainly used for the connection of cast iron pipe, rubber-lined pipe, non-ferrous metal pipe and flanged valve, etc.

This connection is mainly used for the connection of cast iron pipe, lined hose, non-iron metal pipe and flange valves, and the connection of process equipment and flange are also used for flange connection.

Hebei Pude Yuelan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the development and production of industrial chimneys, the company focuses on the development and production of industrial chimneys.

Headquartered in Jingxian Development Zone, Hebei Province, the company has a registered capital of 60 million yuan, covers an area of 9.60000 square meters, of which the building area is 2600 square meters. The main products include self-supporting smoke, sleeve smoke, tower chimney, east smoke, cable smoke, stainless steel chimney, glass steel chimney, mobile compressed garbage bin, horizontal compressed garbage station, hook arm transfer truck, butt type garbage truck and dozens of products. The company has 128 employees, including 8 experts and engineers with master's degree or above, 60% of the employees with bachelor's degree or junior college degree, all kinds of technical personnel 26 people, 60 people special personnel, the company has a number of domestic offices and after-sales service institutions, can provide technical support and product services at any time.

The company's production equipment advanced, strong technical force. Has more than 50 sets of domestic advanced production equipment, including foreign, domestic CNC production lines 6; Hot-dip galvanizing adopts the galvanizing technology and process of Gimeco Company in Italy, and its technical level and production capacity are at the advanced level in China.

After years of development in chimney and municipal waste treatment equipment industry, the company has become a well-known brand in the industry. Through the cooperation with domestic and international design institutes, colleges and enterprises to continuously improve the enterprise's scientific research and development ability. And has cooperated with many universities and reached strategic cooperation with petrochina, Sinopec, Huadian, Huaneng and other enterprises.

In recent years, in order to solve the problem of large-caliber smoke, the company has established a technical cooperation relationship with Beijing Jiaotong University, and invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop the "precast factory, on-site construction" steel corrugated chimney and urban waste environmental treatment products. At present, the pipe diameter range of the company's products is 0.5m-20m, and the annual production capacity is 660,000 meters.

The company always adhere to the "quality, user" of the enterprise purpose, do not ask for the number of projects, just do the project to make good quality principle, products have been promoted in the project use. Today, the company's products still maintain zero defects, zero complaints, zero accidents, by the owners, construction units of the consistent praise, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

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