Free-standing Desulfurization Tower Boiler Chimney
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Free-standing Desulfurization Tower Boiler Chimney

The main products of Hebei Pude Yueland Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. are self-supporting smoke exhaust, sleeve smoke exhaust, tower smoke exhaust, east smoke exhaust, cable smoke exhaust, stainless steel smoke exhaust, glass steel smoke exhaust, mobile compressed garbage can, horizontal compressed garbage station, hook arm transfer vehicle, butt type garbage truck, etc.
Free-standing Desulfurization Tower Boiler Chimney not only bear pressure, temperature and gravity loads, but also bear dynamic loads such as wind loads and seismic loads. When the size, direction and even application point of the dynamic load change with time, the dynamic load will cause acceleration of the structure and cause resonance phenomenon, which is easy to produce vibration accidents. 

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Free-standing Desulfurization Tower Boiler Chimney is easy to maintain, and can achieve the effect of dust removal and desulfurization (nitrogen removal) at the same time by preparing different dust removal agents. Now with the development of glass steel technology, the desulfurization tower is gradually made of glass steel. Compared with granite desulfurization tower, FRP desulfurization tower has low cost, easy processing, rust and light weight, so it has become the development trend of desulfurization tower in the future. In addition, 316L stainless steel has three advantages such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, which is also one of the important trends in the development of desulfurization tower.

Free-standing Desulfurization Tower Boiler Chimney performance

1. Outstanding corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance of traditional materials of the chimney is poor, especially after washing and treatment of tail gas, the corrosion of the chimney is more serious, so good corrosion resistance is very important for the use of the chimney. Fiberglass steel material is a polymer composite material, for most acid, alkali, salt, and can be used in the case of acid and alkali alternations for a long time, at the same time can withstand high temperature, under normal circumstances, can work for a long time below 120℃, the highest to 220℃.
2. Strong designability, there are many types of FRP main raw materials, and various molding processes, so the FRP material itself is very strong designability, which can be designed according to different use conditions, including the selection of raw materials, production process and installation method, and the chimney does not have the problem of internal anticorrogation treatment, so as to avoid the secondary construction. Construction difficulty is greatly reduced.
Fiberglass chimney is widely used in power, fertilizer, chemical industry, smelting, petroleum and other industries, as corrosive or high temperature flue gas treatment equipment. Glass fiber reinforced plastic chimney implementation standard: HG20696-1999 glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment design regulations, design, production: because the power plant flue tail steam, chemical plant tail steam, etc., the working temperature is very high (180-200℃), complex composition, general resin can not meet the requirements of its conditions.

Free-standing Desulfurization Tower Boiler Chimney Desulfurization requirements:

The large desulfurization device for desulfurization tower flue gas desulfurization is called desulfurization tower, and the small desulfurization dust removal device for coal burning industrial boiler and kiln flue gas desulfurization is called desulfurization dust collector. In the desulfurization tower and desulfurization precipitator, SO2 should be contained in the flue gas, so as to carry out chemical absorption of SO2 in the flue gas. In order to strengthen the absorption process, improve the desulfurization efficiency, and reduce the investment and operation cost of equipment, the desulfurization tower and desulfurization precipitator should meet the following basic requirements:
(1) There is a large contact area and a certain contact time between gas and liquid.
(2) The gas-liquid disturbance is strong, the absorption resistance is small, and the absorption efficiency of SO2 is high.
(3) Stable operation, with appropriate operating flexibility.
(4) The pressure drop when the air flow through should be small.
(5) Simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, low cost, long service life.
(6) no scaling, no plugging, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
(7) Low energy consumption, no secondary pollution.

Hebei Pude Yuelan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the development and production of industrial chimneys, the company focuses on the development and production of industrial chimneys.
Headquartered in Jingxian Development Zone, Hebei Province, the company has a registered capital of 60 million yuan, covers an area of 9.60000 square meters, of which the building area is 2600 square meters. The main products include self-supporting smoke, sleeve smoke, tower chimney, east smoke, cable smoke, stainless steel chimney, glass steel chimney, mobile compressed garbage bin, horizontal compressed garbage station, hook arm transfer truck, butt type garbage truck and dozens of products. The company has 128 employees, including 8 experts and engineers with master's degree or above, 60% of the employees with bachelor's degree or junior college degree, all kinds of technical personnel 26 people, 60 people special personnel, the company has a number of domestic offices and after-sales service institutions, can provide technical support and product services at any time.
The company's production equipment advanced, strong technical force. Has more than 50 sets of domestic advanced production equipment, including foreign, domestic CNC production lines 6; Hot-dip galvanizing adopts the galvanizing technology and process of Gimeco Company in Italy, and its technical level and production capacity are at the advanced level in China.
After years of development in chimney and municipal waste treatment equipment industry, the company has become a well-known brand in the industry. Through the cooperation with domestic and international design institutes, colleges and enterprises to continuously improve the enterprise's scientific research and development ability. And has cooperated with many universities and reached strategic cooperation with petrochina, Sinopec, Huadian, Huaneng and other enterprises.
In recent years, in order to solve the problem of large-caliber smoke, the company has established a technical cooperation relationship with Beijing Jiaotong University, and invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop the "precast factory, on-site construction" steel corrugated chimney and urban waste environmental treatment products. At present, the pipe diameter range of the company's products is 0.5m-20m, and the annual production capacity is 660,000 meters.
The company always adhere to the "quality, user" of the enterprise purpose, do not ask for the number of projects, just do the project to make good quality principle, products have been promoted in the project use. Today, the company's products still maintain zero defects, zero complaints, zero accidents, by the owners, construction units of the consistent praise, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

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