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Fiberglass chimney

High quality Fiberglass chimney is offered by China manufacturer Pude Yuelan. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, long service life and less maintenance.

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Product Description

Generally, the exhaust smoke from coal-fired industrial kilns and boilers contains a large amount of harmful gases such as sulfides and nitrogen oxides. When exposed to water, it will form a highly acidic and corrosive liquid, which has a strong corrosive ability to metal parts. The calcium, magnesium, iron and other components of the granite will also gradually cause chemical reactions, gradually eroding the inside of the granite, destroying the structure of the granite, causing it to erode and peel off layer by layer, resulting in pits and unevenness, which affects the use effect and increases the intensity and difficulty of maintenance. Reduce the service life of the desulfurization dust collector. The metal tower barrel is composed of two materials and has very strict temperature requirements. Due to the expansion coefficient, sudden cooling and sudden heating can easily cause the shell and lining to peel off, causing the shell to corrode and leak, making it difficult to repair, increasing trouble during operation and affecting service life. . BCT series boiler flue gas purifiers are all made of high-temperature resistant fiberglass materials, which not only solves the problem of high temperature resistance, but also has acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, which has become a major advantage when used in boiler dust removal and desulfurization.

Fiberglass chimney composition

The main part is made by winding process, and the winding-shaped fiberglass products are composed of laminated structures. Due to the relatively large length ratio, we have developed a set of mature and reliable production and installation processes to ensure the installation accuracy of the chimney (especially the verticality). We can also design according to the diameter size and height according to the customer's requirements. At the same time, the shape can also be designed according to customers' specific requirements.

Fiberglass chimneys have the characteristics of low cost, short production cycle, long service life, easy processing, simple installation, light weight, high strength, smooth inner surface, internal anti-aging performance, excellent corrosion resistance at high temperatures, and You can easily add sprinklers, filters, etc. to absorb harmful components in the smoke.

Advantages and main technologies

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is composed of organic high-temperature resistant resin and fiber and has good corrosion resistance.
Flue gas temperature has a great impact on the cost and performance of FRP. The higher the high temperature resistance requirements, the material cost will rise rapidly. And as the temperature increases, the corrosion resistance and service life of FRP will decrease. There is no bypass for desulfurization in this project and there is no GGH. The temperature of the flue gas entering the chimney is around 45°C. It is a low-temperature chimney. It is very suitable to use fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) as the inner tube material of the chimney.
As our country's environmental protection work deepens, the exhaust gas emissions from various types of boilers, kilns, incinerators and other equipment must meet the standards. Therefore, related equipment must add exhaust gas treatment facilities, which will bring certain consequences to the chimney, the end equipment of exhaust gas emissions. The impact, especially in terms of corrosiveness, is that traditional materials can no longer meet the requirements in this regard. As a new material, FRP has gradually emerged in various industries, especially in the environmental protection industry. In recent years, FRP chimneys have continued to appear, with their height and diameter increasing, and the use effect is very ideal. Its superior performance is other The material is unique.


1. Outstanding corrosion resistance. Chimneys made of traditional materials have poor corrosion resistance, especially the washed and treated exhaust gas, which will cause more serious corrosion to the chimney. Therefore, good corrosion resistance is very important for the use of chimneys. FRP material is a polymer composite material that is resistant to most acids, alkalis, and salts, and can be used for a long time under alternating acid and alkali conditions. It can also withstand high temperatures. Under normal circumstances, it can work below 120°C for a long time, with the highest Can reach 220℃.
2. Strong designability. There are many types of main raw materials for FRP, and the molding processes are also diverse. Therefore, the FRP material itself is highly designable and can be designed in a targeted manner according to different usage conditions, including raw material selection, The manufacturing process is accurate and the installation method is correct, and there is no problem of internal anti-corrosion treatment in the chimney, so secondary construction is avoided and the construction difficulty is greatly reduced.
4. Excellent product performance. FRP products have high specific strength, which can fully meet the various mechanical performance requirements required for chimneys. Moreover, the steel tower protection frame is erected outside according to the design, which can better meet the normal conditions under various weather conditions. use. At the same time, the inner surface finish of FRP products is very high, which greatly reduces the resistance of flue gas movement, so it has a smaller diameter than traditional chimneys.

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