Introduction of Anticorrosion Characteristics of Frp Chimney


Introduction of anticorrosion characteristics of FRP chimney
1) Good designability: because the performance of the matrix material and the reinforcing material are different, FRP can meet different physical and chemical performance requirements through reasonable selection of raw materials, adjustment of the proportion of FRP components, change of the laying method of the reinforcing material and scientific structural design.
2) Excellent mechanical properties: the tensile strength of GRP is lower than that of steel, higher than that of nodular cast iron and concrete, and the specific strength is about 3 times that of steel, 10 times that of nodular cast iron and 25 times that of concrete. The impact resistance is excellent, and the weight of the drop hammer is 1.5kg, which is not damaged under the impact height of 1600mm.
3) Chemical corrosion resistance: Through reasonable selection of raw materials and scientific thickness design, FRP corrosion protection can be used in acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent environment for a long time.
4) Good heat and cold resistance: the use temperature of ordinary fiberglass is generally - 40~70 ℃. If special resin is selected or anti-ultraviolet absorbent is added, the environment temperature of product application is - 60~300 ℃, and it can also resist long-term sunlight exposure.
5) It has good thermal insulation performance: because GRP products are made of polymer materials and reinforcing materials, it has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity; At room temperature: 0.3~0.4KW/M.H. ℃, only 1/100~1/1000 of metal, which is an excellent thermal insulation material. Therefore, in case of small temperature difference (below 50 ℃), no special thermal insulation is required, * it can achieve good thermal insulation * *.
6) Low thermal expansion coefficient: due to the low thermal expansion coefficient of GRP (2.0 × 10-5/℃), can be used normally under various harsh conditions such as surface, underground, overhead, seabed, high cold, desert, freezing, wet, acid and alkali.
7) Light weight and high strength are easy to install: the specific gravity is only 1/4 - 1/5 of steel and cast iron, and 2/3 of concrete. The weight of fiberglass containers accounts for about 1/4 of that of steel containers of the same specification. Therefore, it is easy to load and unload and install.
8) Excellent electrical insulation performance: glass fiber reinforced plastic is an excellent insulating material used to manufacture insulators. It can still protect good dielectric property at high frequency. Good microwave permeability; It is suitable for use in areas with dense power transmission and telecommunication lines and areas with frequent lightning.
9) The construction process performance is excellent: due to the fluidity of the resin, the FRP can be easily processed into the required shape by different molding methods before curing; This feature * * is suitable for large, integral and complex equipment construction requirements. Site construction can be carried out according to environmental conditions.
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