Vertical Hot-dip Galvanized Chimney
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Vertical Hot-dip Galvanized Chimney

The vertical hot-dip galvanized chimney of Hebei Pude Yueland Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. are self-supporting smoke exhaust, sleeve smoke exhaust, tower smoke exhaust, east smoke exhaust, cable smoke exhaust, stainless steel smoke exhaust, glass steel smoke exhaust, mobile compressed garbage can, horizontal compressed garbage station, hook arm transfer vehicle, butt type garbage truck, etc.

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Product Description

Characteristics and application of Vertical Hot-dip Galvanized Chimney:

At present, if the quotation of zinc in the international market continues to decrease, as well as the addition of electroplating manufacturers, larger plating bath has been built. As an outstanding long - lasting anticorrosive system, hot dip galvanizing is paid more and more attention. In the United States has been satisfied with more than 24 meters long, 3 meters wide members galvanized requirements of the plating tank. The steel members weighing about 39 tons are galvanized with a bath of 25X3.6X3(m), making it one of the largest hot-dip galvanizing projects in the world.
Electroplating enterprises have a length of 16m, 1.2m wide, 1.6m deep electroplating tank, can be satisfied with the vast majority of the construction of steel structure members.

Compared with other anticorrosive systems, the hot dip galvanizing anticorrosive system has the following characteristics:

(1)the corrosion life of steel structure is long, the corrosion service life of hot dip galvanized is very widespread in 25 to 50 years, and most of the service life can exceed 40 years. Usually galvanized 600g/m2 hot dip galvanized steel, its anti-corrosion service life can reach more than 50 years.
(2)There is no doubt about the maintenance of steel structure anticorrosive system. According to the National Corrosion Engineering Association (NACE) calculation, coating anticorrosion method is about 11 years to be repainted once, that is, in the service life of steel structure, coating anticorrosion system needs maintenance. According to the current research data, hot dip galvanizing anti-corrosion system in its service period is not required maintenance. This shows the advantages of hot dip galvanizing from two aspects. First of all, it is not simple to implement the anticorrosive materials from scratch in the construction of the construction. The amount of engineering is very large, and the hot dip galvanizing anticorrosion does not need maintenance in its service period. Secondly, the coating anticorrosive system requires the owner to make a long time of steel structure anticorrosive maintenance accounting. When most buildings are accounted for, the comparison of early investment is simple and detailed, and the owner is also compared with a simple scheme. But for a long time, the maintenance accounting is complicated, and it will involve some uncertain elements, including the labor cost after several years. Coating costs, etc. Hot dip galvanizing in the early investment will be larger, but it does not require maintenance accounting, which is more and more loved by owners and planners.
(3)High degree of industrialization. Because of the high degree of industrialization of hot dip galvanizing, its coating speed is very fast, and the galvanizing process of a new rust-free component can be completed in about an hour. This is very important when it comes to buildings that need to be put into use. In addition, because of its high degree of industrialization, so the appearance of disposal and steel structure anticorrosive layer quality is very simple to ensure that most of the technology coating anticorrosive system can not be compared.
(4)Each surface of the component has the same anti-corrosion maintenance. There are many ways to construct the opening section of steel members. Because of the constraints of scale, it is very difficult to paint some exterior anticorrosive coating. And hot dip galvanizing is to dip the member into the plating tank galvanized, it is the same for each appearance of the member coating, which is a very good solution to the member is difficult to paint all the appearance of the steel structure anticorrosion question. In addition, hot dip zinc components do not need special disposal in welding and bolted connection, just like non-galvanized components.
(5)hot galvanized is harmless to the environment. Zinc is a trace nutrient that is beneficial to humans and other species. In relation to some coatings rich in organic volatiles, hot-dip galvanizing is not harmful to the environment. This point is more important in the corrosion protection engineering of steel structure in the 21st century. Of course, hot dip galvanizing is not suitable for all environments. In acid and alkali environments, the corrosion protection layer of hot dip galvanizing will soon corrode, and it is usually not recommended for use in underground environments. At present, some large public steel structures in China have also adopted this method, such as the Capital Airport, Beijing Oriental Square, Shanghai 80 thousand people Stadium, Pudong International Airport and Heilongjiang TV Tower (Dragon Tower). As a long-term anticorrosive system with excellent function, hot dip galvanizing system will be used more and more widely in the field of steel structure construction.

Hebei Pude Yuelan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the development and production of industrial chimneys, the company focuses on the development and production of industrial chimneys.

Headquartered in Jingxian Development Zone, Hebei Province, the company has a registered capital of 60 million yuan, covers an area of 9.60000 square meters, of which the building area is 2600 square meters. The main products include self-supporting smoke, sleeve smoke, tower chimney, east smoke, cable smoke, stainless steel chimney, glass steel chimney, mobile compressed garbage bin, horizontal compressed garbage station, hook arm transfer truck, butt type garbage truck and dozens of products. The company has 128 employees, including 8 experts and engineers with master's degree or above, 60% of the employees with bachelor's degree or junior college degree, all kinds of technical personnel 26 people, 60 people special personnel, the company has a number of domestic offices and after-sales service institutions, can provide technical support and product services at any time.
The company's production equipment advanced, strong technical force. Has more than 50 sets of domestic advanced production equipment, including foreign, domestic CNC production lines 6; Hot-dip galvanizing adopts the galvanizing technology and process of Gimeco Company in Italy, and its technical level and production capacity are at the advanced level in China.

After years of development in chimney and municipal waste treatment equipment industry, the company has become a well-known brand in the industry. Through the cooperation with domestic and international design institutes, colleges and enterprises to continuously improve the enterprise's scientific research and development ability. And has cooperated with many universities and reached strategic cooperation with petrochina, Sinopec, Huadian, Huaneng and other enterprises.

In recent years, in order to solve the problem of large-caliber smoke, the company has established a technical cooperation relationship with Beijing Jiaotong University, and invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop the "precast factory, on-site construction" steel corrugated chimney and urban waste environmental treatment products. At present, the pipe diameter range of the company's products is 0.5m-20m, and the annual production capacity is 660,000 meters.

The company always adhere to the "quality, user" of the enterprise purpose, do not ask for the number of projects, just do the project to make good quality principle, products have been promoted in the project use. Today, the company's products still maintain zero defects, zero complaints, zero accidents, by the owners, construction units of the consistent praise, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

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