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Vertical Filter Press Vertical Filter Press

Vertical Filter Press Vertical Filter Press is an automatic filter press that can effectively separate solids and liquids. Its operation mainly consists of the following four stages: filtration, diaphragm extrusion, cake washing, air drying.

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Product Description

Vertical Filter Press Vertical Filter Press

The Vertical Filter Press Vertical Filter Press is passed between the plates and frames, and the filter cake can be formed on both sides of the filter cloth. The filter cloth is automatically backwashed, and the solid particles remaining in the previous cycle that adhere to the filter cloth or are blocked in the filter cloth are backwashed out when the other side of the filter cloth is filtered.

At the end of each filter cycle, the filter cloth is driven forward to bring out the filter cake. After the cake is discharged, a new cycle begins. The filter cake is removed from the filter press while the filter cloth is running and cleaned from both sides with high-pressure water. The filter cloth is driven by a hydraulic motor. The filter cloth tensioner operates when the plate and frame assembly is opened and closed.
The slurry enters the sealed filter chamber from the distribution pipe. The wash water and compressed air enter through the same lines. At the end of the feeding phase, the distribution pipe is emptied using an emptying valve. The distribution pipe is located on the side of the filter press inlet (the inlet is on the left side of the drive).

The high-pressure water is pumped by a multistage centrifugal pump to a distribution tube located above the diaphragm. At the end of the extrusion phase, the water is returned to the high-pressure water station by the same line.
The operation of the filter press is fully automatic controlled by the control cabinet, which is equipped with a display, operator interface, switches and operation buttons to facilitate the adjustment and observation of the filtration cycle process.

Product features:

(1) Short feeding time
The unique separate grouting of each filter chamber ensures that all filter chambers are fed synchronously, the filter plate is evenly stressed, the slurry filling filter chamber time is short, and the filtration speed is much better than the fast-open filter press with the center feeding.
(2) Fully automated operation
This equipment integrates filtration, cake washing, extrusion, air drying, automatic discharging, automatic cleaning of filter cloth and other functions, using PLC programmable controller and signal control device set on each control point of the filter press to ensure the safe .and reliable realization of automatic closed-circuit cycle work of the filter press, 100% automatic operation, without manual intervention, reducing the labor intensity of workers.
(3) The filter cake has low moisture
The use of high-pressure diaphragm extrusion and high-pressure air drying greatly reduces the moisture of the filter cake.
(4) High output
The filter plate is placed horizontally, and each filter plate is used for separate rapid feeding, fast feeding and high output.
(5) Filter cloth regeneration
Equipped with automatic cleaning device of filter cloth, wash both sides of the filter cloth with clean water.
(6) The operating parameters can be adjusted at any time
The electric control cabinet adopts the touch screen to display the real-time picture and data of each running action of the filter press, which can adjust the filter press process parameters for users at any time according to the changes in the on-site working conditions.
(7) The sealing pressure of the filter plate is high, and the slurry is not sprayed
The high-pressure cylinder is pressed and the pressure is automatically maintained, which can ensure that the filter press is reliably sealed under the pressing pressure of 1.6Mpa diaphragm.
(8) Environmental protection
The filtrate and high-pressure air are discharged in the form of dark currents, reducing pollution to the operating environment.
(9) Durable
The whole machine adopts four-column frame structure, all-steel filter plate, and the equipment is durable.
(10) It can save a lot of human resources
In the normal production process, there is no need for on-site guards or one person to guard multiple vertical types.

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