Stainless Steel Filter Plate
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Stainless Steel Filter Plate

Application industryof Stainless Steel Filter Plate: Mainly used in filter (pressure filter, horizontal blade filter, plate closed filter, vibration slag filter automatic plate filter) in the filter equipment series. Most are used for filtration, decontamination, etc.
High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

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Product Description

Introduction of Stainless Steel Filter Plate:

Stainless steel filter plate is a key device in the water treatment process, which plays the dual role of bearing the wave material layer over and over in the sea pool and washing to water (gas). With high temperature resistance, high - le, acid - proof, alkali - proof, she and other characteristics.
Advantages of stainless steel filter plate:
1.Stainless steel filter plate and stainless steel wire mesh outside the whole thick connected together when the bay plate backwash, by hand mesh and plate edge strong. The green place on the outside of the plate will not break and will not cause damage, to ensure the quality of the liquid after the absence of frequency replacement
2.Stainless steel filter plate and stainless steel screen of high strength, not affected by backwash strength.
3.Stainless steel wire mesh is not easy to stick impurities, not easy to plug, in the filter liquid, especially pre-coated algae soil filter is completed, easier to wash, more suitable for high viscosity and high strength liquid filter 4, through the surface made of stainless steel wire mesh, gap uniform, closed for stainless steel plate production, to ensure that the liquid does not leak, with the above, below closed, high strength. 4.Suitable for gas and water mixed rinse. The performance of the filter plate is recovered after backwashing.
5.Backwash resistance pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa.

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