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Belt Filter Press Machine

The dewatering process of Belt Filter Press Machine can be divided into four important stages: pretreatment, gravity dehydration, wedge area prepressure dewatering and press dewatering, and the technology uses new equipment filter machine, program-controlled automatic Chamber Filter Press, Diaphragm Filter Press, Deep Sludge Dewatering Filter Press, Integrated Sewage Sludge Treatment Equipment, Online Precision Filtration syStem and other environmentally friendly filtration products with reasonable price and reliable performance.
A separate concentration section makes it easy to filter agglomerated sludge, greatly increasing treatment capacity. Simple structure, simple operation and easy maintenance. Special concave-convex roller design, large processing capacity, low moisture content. Superior patented filter belt, fast filtrate separation, excellent mud cake peeling, and low sludge residue. Good sludge capture rate and high efficiency. High stability and excellent durability. No noise or vibration. Low electricity consumption. Compared with domestic sludge dehydrators and even other European and American brand dehydrators, sludge dehydrators are better than other models, the main difference is that this filter cloth is different, because the sludge dehydrator is made of three different lengths and electrostatic implantation, is a non-stick sludge filter cloth, cleaning the least amount of equipment.

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Product Description

The working principle and workflow of the Belt Filter Press Machine

After the concentrated sludge and a certain concentration of flocculant are fully mixed in a static and dynamic mixer, the tiny solid particles in the sludge are agglomerated into a large flocculent mass, and at the same time free water is separated, and the sludge after flocculation is transported to the filter belt of concentrated gravity dehydration, and the free water is separated under the action of gravity to form a sludge in a non-flowing state, and then clamped between the upper and lower two mesh belts, and gradually squeezed the sludge under the action of small to large extrusion force and shear force through the wedge precompression area, low pressure area and high pressure area. In order to achieve maximum separation of mud and water, and finally form a filter cake discharge.

1. Chemical pretreatment dehydration
In order to improve the dewatering of sludge, improve the properties of the filter cake, increase the permeability of the material, the sludge needs to be chemically treated, the machine uses a unique "water flocculation granulation mixer" device to achieve the role of chemical dosing flocculation, the method not only has good flocculation effect, but also saves a lot of agents, low operating costs, economic benefits are very obvious.
2. Gravity concentration dewatering section
The sludge is evenly fed into the mesh belt through the cloth hopper, the sludge runs forward with the filter belt, the free water flows into the water tank through the filter belt under its own weight, gravity dewatering can also be said to be a highly concentrated section, the main function is to remove the free water in the sludge, so that the fluidity of the sludge is reduced, in preparation for further extrusion.
3. Pre-pressure dewatering section in wedge area
The fluidity of sludge after gravity dewatering is almost completely lost, with the forward operation of the belt filter press filter belt, the distance between the upper and lower filter belts gradually decreases, the material begins to be slightly pressured, and with the operation of the filter belt, the pressure gradually increases, the role of the wedge zone is to extend the gravity dewatering time, increase the extrusion stability of the floc, and prepare for entering the pressure zone.
4. High pressure dewatering section of extrusion roll
Belt Filter Press Machine material out of the wedge zone into the pressure zone, the material is squeezed in this area, the pressure along the running direction of the filter belt increases with the reduction of the diameter of the extrusion roll, the material is extruded volume shrinkage, the gap free water in the material is extruded, at this time, the filter cake is basically formed, continue to the pressure tail of the high pressure area after the high pressure of the filter cake water content can be minimized.

Application Scope of Belt Filter Press Machine

Widely used in urban sewage, textile printing and dyeing, electroplating, papermaking, leather, brewing, food processing, coal washing, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, ceramics and other industries sludge dewatering treatment, also suitable for industrial production of solid separation or liquid leaching process.

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